New Zealand is known for its stunning national parks, dynamic Māori culture, incredible hiking trails, and world-class skiing & surfing. New Zealand is also home to, Alchemy athlete, Andy Babbage. Photographer, explorer, mountaineer, engineer, journalist, nomad & freedive instructor, Andy has been an important part of the team for a few months now, traveling around the world, expanding his limits, always with an interesting story to tell.


"My name is Andy Babbage, I am 29 years  old and I am from New Zealand, Aotearoa. It was my curiosity and pure passion to  explore that initially drew me into the concept of freediving and in 2016, I attended  my first freediving course in Indonesia

There were many sports and challenges in my life that were building the groundwork and building my mental strength and capacity to make who I am today.There's something special about freediving, as it challenges you in every form and every different angle. We just cannot get that in another activity or sport ,from the mental state to the physical  state, to the spiritual state, it's very unique. Freediving is a form of underwater mutation,  it's a form of exploring your ever expanding potential.

In the coming months, I plan to base train in preparation for deep diving in the Cold Lake Taupo of New Zealand and hopefully pushing into new territory and discovering some new sensations. For myself, the obvious next challenging element is the cold and the ice, so I definitely see myself pursuing deep ice diving in the coming years.

I wear the Alchemy V3 fins because they house  the essentials, durability, comfort and performance. My name is Andy Babage, I am a freediver  and I am honored to be an Alchemy athlete".

Meet Andy

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