No Hands Equalization When Freediving

The human body contains "air zones" and, when we freedive, these zones get smaller, therefore we need to pump air into them, in order to equalize the pressure which is created and avoid trauma.  There are various methods used for equalization, with the most common being Valsalva, but there also freedivers who can equalize hands-free. That technique is extremely useful for content creators, for obvious reasons, as well as for spearos, due to the reduction of noise underwater (it drives the fish away!). Alchemy partner Luca Malaguti is one of the lucky ones, as he can equalize in that manner. During his recent visit to Cyprus, he shot a video freediving a ship wreck with his V330 carbon fins, showing how his hands-free technique helps creators get more stable footage. In his own words "hands-free equalization is super useful for underwater filming (especially selfies) and spearfishing. Knowing how to hands-free (aka. VTO/BTV) safely and consistently, could mean catching that steady video or not missing your shot in spearing. I'm quite proud to have to learned this in the cold waters of the Howe Sound, BC. It's a good & challenging learning environment. " Wanna Know More About Luca? Meet Luca's Fins Of Choice Read More Articles About Luca Malaguti: Add This To Your Freediving Bucket List Freediving Content Creators Daan And Carlos Share Their Tips  

A Message From The Deepest Hungarian Woman, Fatima Korok

Alchemy athlete and Hungary's deepest woman, Fatima Korok, recently posted a message on her social media to all her friends in the freediving community. "The power of visualization! Before I do a deep dive, I do the dive a 1000times in my head. I used to believe in the power of my imagination already as a kid. Whenever I was preparing for a school exam or a sychronized swimming competition or for a play when I was a musical actress, I imagined how I want the things to be as it if it has happened already. It usually worked. When I was loosing weight, I did the same. You can use the superpower of your subconscious mind to visualize anything you want to plan, to achieve, to make your goals and dreams come to life. Everyone has an imagination so use this magic power to attract positive things in your life. Visualization is basically a conscious and controlled day-dreaming. With concentration, faith and desire it is the key to create the new reality you really want to live. Fun fact: I visualized 80+m dives last year before the world championship so many times, that I actually believed that I did them with bifins already. I have started to focus just on bifin dives a few weeks ago and wanted to reach my best performace. After some research I realized the dives I did in the past weeks were all personal best dives. Visualization can trick your mind especially if you have a fish memory (like me). Thanks to Raphael for being my safety, for the perfect setup and lovely sessions. Any celebration is postponed after the competition though, now I will try to make those dives official, attempting new national records here at the @freedivingworldsharm on the last freediving depth competition of the year. I wish good luck and beautiful dives for everyone! The most important thing is to have a good mental and physical health condition. If you take care of yourself you will be able to keep doing what you love, take care of others, progress, enjoy and be happier and safer. Listen to your body, take enough rest days, recovery time and fuel yourself with well-balanced nutrition. Be conscious. Do your best. Overtraining is not fun neither an accident or injuries". Do You Want To Know More About Mental Preparation? Are You Looking To Enter Your First Freediving Competition? Watch The Whole Series Of The Complete Guide Here

Florida Freedivers Interview James Ferrara

Freediving photographer James Ferrara is a super cool guy and gifted creator based in South Florida. Living in that part of the States has given him access to the ocean where he grew up diving, fishing and getting himself into water sports. His mother, an accomplished artist, played a significant role in his love for photography, as - in his own words - he feels that he inherited his talent from her. He got into the sport around 2015 by using an action camera, knowing nothing about photography! Wanting to share his underwater adventures with the rest of the world, he used to shoot videos and then take screenshots from those in order to edit them as photos. He soon realised that he was doing things the wrong way and finally invested his hard earned cash in buying a "proper" camera. He is currently using a Sony A7rii, with Batis Zeiss lens and Nauticam UW housing. We love working with James and we share a lot of his work on our social media channels. If you want to know more about him, make sure to watch his latest interview with Florida Freedivers where he shares a lot of valueable tips from aspiring photographers. Wanna See More Of James' Work? Check Out The Latest Video He Shot In Florida.   Read More Articles About Underwater Content:   Freediving The Mystery Island Of South KoreaDream OnLily Dances Underwater At Freedive HQ Meet Nicholas KouvarasFreediving Content Creators Daan And Carlos Share Their Tips A Piece Of Freediving Heaven Sayuri Kinoshita And Hanako Hirose Explore The Zenobia Wreck Enter The Sacred Cenotes Connect Again With The World Around You Gozo, Portugal And Malta On One Breath    

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