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Fatima Korok Bags New National Record For Hungary

Alchemy athlete Fatima Korok set a new national record in CWTB, freediving down to -73m, in Dahab Egypt. In her own words:"I feel like I have been dreaming these past few days, not because everything is perfect. Things are feeling a bit unreal here in Dahab. Craziness happening all over the world, politics, natural disasters, covid, lockdowns, taxes, paying bills, no work ... and I am just trying to shut all those real things out, focus on training, let go of any issues, relax and dive deep. For what ? Pleasure and challange for sure. To prove something, to inspire, to motivate others and myself. Anyways, I am happy I did my 10th Hungarian national record today! Thank you to the competition organizers, safety team, judges, medicx and everyone who was cheering for me! Congratulations also for the Hungarian male 50m free immersion (FIM) record today for Miklòs Zsuga and of course to all the competitors'. Read More Articles About Freediving Records: -101 Meters At DominicaFIM World Record By Sayuri KinoshitaDeep Boys She Did It, Again! One more great tournament for all Alchemy athletes! Thibault Guinness Did It Again - First Place at Japanese Cup 2019 It Was A Good Week For Leading Freediver Cristian Castano Villa Cristian Castano Villa Bags A New Record Canadian Freedivers Do It Better How Did The Alchemy Freediving Team Do?  

Spearfishing Amberjacks With Alchemy V3 Carbon Fins

Spearfishing amberjacks is always a great pleasure. Those large pelagic predators, require extended apneas but not necessarily camouflage skills. An amberjack is known to come to the diver from any direction, no matter if it sees him or not. You might be testing your apneas waiting for a dentex and an amberjack might come from behind. The best part of hunting one is the battle after the shot. Having plenty of power amberjacks will put on a fight, testing the diver's strength as well as the equipment's endurance. Check out this video of Alchemy spearo Lambros Siadimas, harvesting one in the waters of Aegean Sea in Greece. Click To Watch On IGTV Want More Spearfishing Action? Check Out In For The Kill! Click To Watch The Rest Of The Series

Freediving Courses At The Mayan Cenotes

Freediving, as among other things in life, is all about constant training and learning. As freedivers, we constantly evolve. We train, we gain, we compete; and all over again. Training improves a freediver's technique, skills, tactics and self development. Via training, we build up endurance and strength, motivate ourselves, increase our ambitions and confidence. It is our way of not only dive deeper and safer, but the means to keep a healthy body and mind. Alchemy freediver and creator Carlos Negrete, an experienced instructor, will be running freediving classes at the Mayan Cenotes this January and February. Join him at this magical location and improve your diving or photography/videography skills. Get in touch with Carlos. Read More Articles About Carlos Negrete: A Cenotes' Child Enters The Alchemy Team Well Played Guys! Freediving Content Creators Daan And Carlos Share Their Tips Do It Right

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