Alchemy welcomes Carlos Negrete to the family! An UW cinematographer & photographer, freediver, instructor, and all round great guy, born in Mexico & based some place around the world.

"A Powerful Door For Exploration"

"I started freediving in 2015 exploring and enjoying the cenotes of the Mexican Caribbean. Those natural sinkholes are home to ancient waters, stories and very unique light and color. Freediving opens a powerful door for exploration, awareness, self relief or potential discovery. It requires physical and mental synchronization that needs to be trained and more importantly enjoyed.

"It's All About Trust"

Since I started freediving I always looked up to Alchemy fins, I've been free diving with them for years and it's all about trust. There's a lot of passion and dedication behind each pair of fins and whenever I teach, compete or shoot underwater, my fins become an extension  of my body and I know I can rely on them. My future plans are exploring Indonesia, Philippines, Okinawa and Mexico. I want to keep growing as a coach, athlete and underwater cameraman".

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