Behind every innovative brand, one finds great people. If you think of an artist, you'll see him/her on stage, you'll check out the video clip, hear the song on the radio, but you will never get to see those who have worked behind the scenes in order to make that possible - the stage manager, the sound engineer, the marketeer, the song writer.

Nicholas Kouvaras is one of these people for Alchemy. Having fell in love with the sea as a kid, Nicholas started freediving at an early age. Back then, he divided his time underwater between photography and spearfishing. He later discovered freediving and, as some do, dedicated his life to the sport. The time went on and he now has more than 40 years of freediving experience; the last 20 as a full time instructor and trainer.

He has been involved, in one way or the other, in all aspects and forms of freediving, and even after 40 years underwater, he will always teach Level 1s, as sharing his passion has always been his primary motivation. Nicholas, being an avid lover of technology and especially composites, found his home in the Alchemy R&D department, sharing knowledge and experience with the rest of the team.

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1969 He was born in Athens in Greece and spent most of his childhood in the island of Paros swimming and sailing for the local Nautical Club.
1978 He was accepted at Athens College and continued swimming and sailing for the Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni. Every summer he would go back to the island where he started freediving and taking UW pictures.
1990 He decided to put more into his freediving and started training.
1996 He started sharing his knowledge with a close circle of Friends.
1997 He competed for the first time in a freediving competition. A 2nd place in CWT and 3rd in static earned him a place in the 1st Greek National team.
1998 He participated in the 1st Major World Championship in Sardegna with the National team.
1998 He attended the Apnea Academy Instructor course.

1999 He designed for the first time carbon fins for M-Technique.

1999 He became the President of the newly founded AIDA Hellas. 

2000 He is nominated Captain of the Greek National team.

2002 & 2003 He became a CMAS Freediving Instructor and a CMAS Freediving Instructor Trainer.
2004 With Dimitris Kollias he published “Deep Magazine”. A monthly magazine for Spearfishing and Freediving.
2009 He retired from the magazine and worked with “Ethnos” Newspaper.

2010 He publishes in YouTube one of the most viewed videos in Freediving with 67 million views.

2011 & 2013 He provided the video coverage of the Individual World Championships and trained the safety teams.
2012 He joined the Alchemy R&D department helping to bring the V3 to life.

2015 He worked for the Freediving Club Greece that moved permanently in Kalamata.

2015 He trained Stavros Kastrinakis and organized his World Record in VWT.

2016 He became a Pure Apnea Instructor and worked for Fusion Freediving in Bali.

2017 He became a Pure Apnea Master Instructor Trainer and the Manager of Fusion Freediving.

2018 & 2019 He managed Freediving Club Greece in Kalamata.
2019 He moved to Jakarta where he is still working for Freediving Society and Jakarta Mermaid School.

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