Navigating the ever expanding world of music discovery online can be a challenge, but being avid music enthousiasts ourselves, we'd like to help the curious listener find their path in the musical jungle. For sure, the dinosaur days of digging through vinyl crates is long gone, but there is still something heart-warming about discovering and being moved by an artist found on a playlist. And if you find one artist you like, there will likely be several more on the same set.

Today we are doing something new in order to connect even more with our fellow freedivers & spearos; we are launching a new series of music playlists on our YouTube channel, carefully curated by Alchemy and inspired by, one of the things we love most, being at sea.

First Stop - A Homage To Aegean Sea In Greece

The Sound Of Alchemy

Did You Know That We Plant A Tree For Every Pair Of Carbon Fins We Sell?