Lidija Lijic
Freediver - Instructor

Lidija Lijic

Lidija was born in Split, a small town on Croatian coast. From her early age she was enchanted  by the sea and found her peace and tranquillity on its shores. Her bond with endless blue water grew stronger with age and with activities like scuba and spearfishing bringing her back to her safe place regularly.  Freediving is a sport that was naturally the extension of her thoughts. And here she has been setting standards and moving barriers from the beginning of her career until this day, and continuing to perform on a highest level.

Now, decorated with multiple world championship titles and records from pool and sea disciplines she is globally recognised as one of the legends of the sport and continues to enjoy her blue playground on every occasion she finds. When not in dive mode, you will find her soaring the skies, exploring mountain peaks and designing ships as a leading designer or walking by the sea shore.

Lidija has always been environmentally and socially responsible, volunteering through numerous NGO’s on human rights, Ocean clean ups, drawing attention to rising issues in the Adriatic sea and beyond. Nowadays she is country director of Sea Shepherd Croatia and Sea Shepherd Global ambassador.

As the world gets smaller, the need for serenity overflows, and with that the consciousness about preserving and protecting her first love on a new level. In the future, the plan is to focus even more on Ocean protection, making concrete changes in her own back yard. Opening Sea Shepherd Croatia as a platform to influence and   engage in action is her first step.


5x World record holder
2x World champion
2x European champion
4x World vice champion
2x European vice champion
Croatian Olympic committee elite athlete 1st category
5x Croatian Olympic committee best Croatian athlete of the year nominee
Best athlete, city of Zagreb
2020 best female outdoor athlete
Guinness under ice world record freedive (Austria)
Highest altitude freedive World record (Nepal)

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