Watch the new astonishing video by Alchemy partner Daan Verhoeven featuring Alchemy athletes Sofia Gomez Uribe & Alena Konecna. Daan writes on his Facebook page, "Back in November, I had this idea for a video about chasing your dreams. How reality is always different, and perhaps richer, than what we dream, but how dreams can shape our reality. I thought mermaids were a good example of a dream, and monofins of reality. Since i happened to be in a place where there were two world record holding amazing women who could actually do what i was dreaming up, i asked Sofia Gomez Uribe and Alena Konecna if they would be the dreamer and the mermaid. They kindly played along with my dream and were perfect. Then i heard Bruno Bavota's new album 'Get lost', and the track '(dis)connected' enchanted me, so i asked him if he'd help realise this dream - and amazingly, he did. So this silly little dream i had became a reality, and what better day than Sofi's birthday to publish it? Happy birthday, Sofe-adopolos, may you dream in many colours, and may some of them come true".


Meet Sofia's Carbon Freediving Fins Of Choice