Bluewater spearfishing is the ultimate challenge for modern spearos and the Gulf Of Mexico around the Florida Keys are the perfect place for such an experience. Alchemy athlete Aaron Young showcases his spearfishing set up through his latest vlog on his youtube channel. Find out what he uses, why and how he made the infamous banana gun.

What Does He Think Of His Alchemy S Carbon Spearfishing Fins?

"This is actually the only company I am sponsored by, I'm not a huge fan of sponsors, but I tried these, fell in love with them and I had to have me a pair! So Alchemy just came out with a new spearfishing series fin, it's all carbon, extremely smooth, but you get a load of pop off these things! Like I said, I'm not trying to sell them to you, this is just what I use, because I love them. I've got Pathos footpockets, if you've ever been in freediving, or you know anything about freediving, you've seen Pathos. They are some of the best pockets on the planet. A lot of people, when they get these think they're uncomfortable, but you need to mold them with a heat gun, that's just a little tip".

Watch Aaron In Action