Nick Pelios Freediver, Creator
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The Alchemy Freediving Neck Weight is a powerful tool that enables divers to dive deeper, faster, and with greater safety. This comprehensive review will analyze its features and advantages, weigh its pros and cons, offer expert insights and an unbiased opinion, and help deep diving enthusiasts decide if it's a worthwhile investment.

Pema Chinyam
"Exceptional In Many Ways"

Hello, my name is Pema and I'm excited to share my review of the Alchemy freediving neck weight as an Alchemy partner. This neck weight is exceptional in many ways, and I'm thrilled to highlight some of its features. Firstly, durability is essential to me, and this neck weight exceeds my expectations. I travel frequently, and this neck weight has been checked into my luggage with all my other belongings about three times a week. Despite this, it still looks like new due to its fantastic memory that restores its original shape easily. The aerospace-grade silicone material used in its construction is of the highest quality, making it long-lasting. Additionally, this neck weight has a great grip on my wetsuit, even with my vintage Elios 3-millimeter wetsuit that compresses a lot. The customizable weight and length options make it perfect for achieving optimal buoyancy, making it an excellent addition to any freediving system.

One thing I adore about this neck weight is that it's incredibly stylish and sexy. Everywhere I go, people ask me about it, whether they are freedivers or not. I've even had some individuals ask if I was wearing underwater Bose headphones - now that's an idea! Overall, I highly recommend the Alchemy freediving neck weight to any diver looking for a long-lasting, customizable, and stylish piece of equipment. It has Pema's seal of approval, and I believe it will exceed your expectations just like it has for me.


John Prins
"Truly Magical"

When I think about the evolution of neck weights, I can't help but chuckle at the thought of my first attempt at creating one, which was made entirely out of duct tape. However, this all changed earlier this year when I discovered the Alchemy neck weight, which looks and feels like a neck weight from the future.

Not only is it heavy and weighted, but it's also incredibly soft to the touch, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. What's truly magical about this neck weight is that once you put it on, it stays on - even when you're upside down! It sits comfortably on your jaw, allowing your neck to move freely without any interference when equalizing. I believe the secret to its magical staying power is the outside coating, which is made of a sticky silicone material. This allows it to stick to your bare neck or wetsuit with equal ease, ensuring that it remains firmly in place throughout your dive. In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend the Alchemy neck weight to any diver looking for a comfortable, well-made, and reliable neck weight that stays in place throughout their dive. It's a fantastic product that has significantly evolved since my duct tape days, and I couldn't be happier with its performance.


Dean Sevilleno
"It Performs Flawlessly"

After two years of freediving, I have developed a preference for neck weights over weight belts. I've tried many different neck weights, from DIY to fillable ones, but when I first tried the Alchemy neck weight with the Bad Fish Dive Gear crew, I immediately fell in love with it and purchased one for myself.


There are several reasons why I love this neck weight. Firstly, the design is incredibly sleek and aesthetically pleasing, and it looks great around my neck. Secondly, it's physically ergonomic, and unlike previous neck weights I've tried, I barely even notice that I'm wearing it. This is important because I've had issues in the past with neck weights interfering with my mouthfill, but with the Alchemy neck weight, it sits perfectly below my mandible, allowing me to charge my mouthfill without any problems. One thing I particularly appreciate about this neck weight is how well it sticks to my wetsuit, especially when it's a smooth-skin suit like this one. The high-grade silicone material ensures that it stays in place and doesn't move around during my dive. Overall, I would highly recommend the Alchemy neck weight to divers of all levels. It's comfortable, well-designed, and performs flawlessly. I'm excited to see what new records I can achieve with this neck weight by my side.

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