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In E4 of the Alchemy Podcast, Gus Kreivenas spoke of one of his recent students who managed to progress quickly in Free Immersion, diving down to -90 meters. How did he manage that in only two visits? 

Work On Your Skills, Go Step By Step

"Oh, by the way, congratulate us, we just had the guy diving to 90 meters. He progressed from 65 to 90 in Free Immersion. It's insane. Of course, the guy was a vice-champion in another sport in 2016 or something, so his functional abilities of course were there. He came and he was like “oh, I have an issue with equalization, can you help me"? Two visits were all it took, two one-month visits. During the first visit, we went variable to give him confidence and worked on equalization. Then we moved to constant weight and after a couple of weeks, he crushed it. I was like, no way. At some point, there was one wiggle, where he turned, and he was upset, but the truth is that I had put more depth to that dive without him knowing, so he was still doing a PB. So, he turned and returned and was like, all miserable. And then he looked at his watch and he was like "f***"! It's an amazing example of what one can do if he has a good attitude and a good work ethic.

Understanding how to work on your skills, and how to go step by step. He mastered this, he mastered that, and then we put everything together. Forget your goals and dreams for a second and work on your systems and your principles. This is something by Tim Ferris, the four-hour work week, forget goals and dreams. They're too romanticized, Hollywood movies. If you wanna get somewhere, you need to build habits. You need to build systems, you need to build principles. And that requires you to have a massive amount of self-love for yourself to show up every day to put in the work, to build those systems".

Long Or Short Fins?
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