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In November 2020, Thibault Guignes crossed the infamous Arch in Dahab on a single breath. Naturally, and with the help of his super talented friends, he made it safe & sound to the surface, but he also got the whole thing on video. A few days later, we shared his achievement on social media, and it was well-received by the freediving community. Now, 14 months after the initial dive, Thibault released a new video, with commentary on his YouTube channel.

Here’s What Happened

“This is the Arch, and this is me! Thanks to an amazing group of friends, today I’m crossing the Arch on a breath-hold, with just my fins. They are all experienced and I trust them completely, to make sure everything is ready and safe. On paper, I have done more challenging dives but always with the safety of being attached to the rope. As I relax and freefall, I know that I have to reach 55 meters and cross around 40 meters before ascending on the other side. But most importantly, I want to enjoy every second.

I am waiting for this moment of truth, where you let go of the rope, and there’s no turning back now. It is not so easy to get oriented, I keep going down to 62 meters, but thanks to the light I find my way to meet with my first safety diver who shows up perfectly on time. He is going to follow me from 55 meters all the way up while making sure we get some nice footage. At 30 meters and 20 meters, we meet the second and third safety divers that keep us company for the end of the ride. And look at this view as you exit! Definitely great teamwork and a great adventure! What will be next”?

Watch The Original Video

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