I’ve just shot this African pompano, I'm trying to get this fish over to Josh and a wahoo came screaming in. I’m unloaded, not ready to go, completely out of breath from the first fish, and it was just really terrible timing. I quickly handed that fish off to Josh and I'm trying to get reloaded, the sharks beneath me are all fired up, I guess just action brought action! I guess shooting this African pompano brought these sharks in and got the wahoo curious enough that he came in to check us out.

The hardest reload ever is doing it when there's a fish swimming around! Quite honestly, I should have probably just handed the blue water gun off and tried to stick the wahoo with a reel gun. The only reason I didn't is because of the amount of sharks that were around. And this is kind of where I start to lose my cool, I'm trying to load, if you've ever tried to load a gun while the fish that you're looking for is swimming around, it is damn near impossible! Your heart rate is elevated, you're breathing hard, your nerves are going like crazy! In my head, I'm trying to remain calm, but I'm kind of losing it! The wahoo is just kind of sitting there, waiting for me, super friendly, and I think the good thing about being able to watch this video back is it's going to teach me something in hindsight. I know exactly what I should have done - but I didn’t.

So, I get the gun loaded and watch the wahoo come back around, and I really should have caught my breath with as friendly as this fish was. I know it's hard but I should have given myself 30-45  seconds on the surface at least. So, I drop, initially, I have a shot right but I hesitate, and every fiber in me is telling me not to shoot because this fish is swimming away, but I do shoot and I miss! It was a terrible feeling…

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