Daan Verhoeven recently shot a new underwater film with Stig Pryds in Dahab, Egypt. In case you didn't know, Stig, one of the world's leading freedivers, had a medical condition in the past which was crippling his body.

"January 2013 was a turning point in my life! Upon spending 5 years in an inferno of pain and strong medication caused by psoriatic arthritis, I found that freediving was my path to a fighting and fantastic version of myself. I transformed from a damned cripple into a fantastic athlete who could show his kids and surroundings that where there is a will there is also a way. I found equanimity, self-worth and a positive outlook on life with my new sport. I never would have discovered my exceptional gift for freediving had it not been for my damn arthritic condition. That alone has changed my world view from a perspective of limitation to a view of endless potential".

So, Why Freedive?

"Why go to the bottom of the sea? Why go deeper? Well this isn't so deep, is it? But how about five meters? Is this deep? How about ten meters? How about 20? Now, what if there's a crack in the floor at 20 meters, why would you go in there? What could persist you to take that jump? Why on earth would anyone do this? Is it a death wish? Are we chasing some sort of adrenaline rush? It's the opposite.The deeper you go, the slower your heart beats, the calmer you are. We freedive to discover. It's only by being totally relaxed that you can do this. And you can only do it with the help of friends that will keep you safe".

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