National & Continental Record holding freedivers - Enchante Gallardo, Helena Bourdillon, Thibault Guigness, Sheena McNally & Matthieu Duvault - share their views on the new Alchemy PROs after testing them during Blue Element in Dominica.

Enchante Gallardo

So the first time that I saw the Pro, I was surprised at how small they were, compared to the long ones. I was really interested to see how they would perform. I was able to try them on here at Dominica and they actually feel very efficient. The good thing about them it's that they're small enough and great to travel with.

Helena Bourdillon

I'm here in Dominica for Blue Element 2019 and I've had the good fortune to try out the new Alchemy Pro. You look at them compared to my V330, they're a lot shorter. I tried them in the water, I really like them, they're really gonna improve my gluts, I can't wait to see how they go for depth.

Thibault Guignes

I tried the new Alchemy Pro and they are absolutely awesome. I didn't try them yet for deep dives but I cannot wait. I'm actually starting to get the feeling that could be used for really deep dives as well, but for safety, for snorkeling, for spearfishing, they feel like really awesome. And of course, you can really carry them absolutely everywhere. I was really surprised, I think the ratio of efficiency compared with the size is incredible. I'm not even sure you lose power compared with the longest ones, to confirm this I will need to try them really deep but so far I'm really excited.

Sofia Gomez Kicks Her Alchemy Pro In Dominica