Bayer and WR holder Sofia Gomez Uribe teamed up to create an astonishing film. Sofia explains what it’s like to make breakthroughs in her sport, and how making peace with the risks allows her to focus her mind on challenging her own limits. She embodies determination and commitment to a goal, in the same spirit as those who dare to push the boundaries in the life sciences.

"That's When I Take Leaps"

"I think the most stressful moment of my life is just before a dive. Adrenaline is not a friend of freediving you know, it's the opposite. And when you're stressed, you have a lot of adrenaline running through your body, so the goal is to try to calm down as much as possible. The expectations of the outer world is that athletes are machines, you know. We always have to be making records and being the best. Me choosing the path of freediving, instead of the path of security or whatever, it was a way of saying I listen to myself more than I listen to those around. I feel so much happiness when I see the ocean and it's not like I'm exaggerating, I'm super happy when I see the ocean - I smile right away. Every time that I try one meter more or two meters more, or when I decide I'm ready to try for a world record, that's when I take leaps. Because it's something that nobody has ever done before".

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