The second largest country in the world, Canada is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. It’s home to eight distinct forest regions, two mountain regions, volcanoes and the arctic zone. It also happens to be have the world’s largest amount of fresh water lakes, which are spread across all ten provinces and three territories.

2.000.000 Lakes

It’s believed that there are over 2 million lakes in Canada, 31,752 of which are larger than three square kilometres, with 561 of these lakes having a surface area larger than 100 square kilometres. In fact, over 9% of the country is covered by freshwater. That’s over 890,000 square kilometres! With so many lakes, it’s nearly impossible to decide which lakes are the best. But some of these lakes are much more spectacular than the others.

Ever wondered how it would feel to freedive at one of Canada’s coldest lakes? Luca & Lorenza from The Freedive Wire and Sea To Sky Freediving kick their V330 carbon fins and take us through it.

Spearfishing The Pacific NW Of Canada