Sayuri Kinoshita was one of Japan's leading female freedivers and a graceful world record owner. Unfortunately, due to a non freediving accident, she passed away last summer. The guys from Vertical Blue just released her 94m FIM dive during 2018 where Kinoshita broke the Free Immersion women’s world record. Here's what the had to say about Sayuri "Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan offered several amazing performances at #VB2018 and this was just one of the World Records she set during that event. Sayuri is recognized the world over as the epitome of grace, good humor and strength in our sport. What's even more impressive is that during #VB2018 Sayuri was stoically managing a damaged sciatic nerve and still managed to secure a white card, a personal best, a national record or a world record on every single dive she completed. We all miss her dearly".

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