Enchante Gallardo currently holds the National and Continental Record for CWT in the USA. During a recent visit of hers in Athens, we caught up and had a chat about all things freediving. We are honored to be associated with some of the world’s leading freedivers - bulletproof athletes with vision, who are strong, both mentally & physically - and we provide them with the resources to do what they set out to achieve.

"Discovering Freediving"

"My name is Enchante Gallardo, I'm 32 years old and I'm based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Discovering freediving just deepened my connection with the ocean. It felt like being at home and yet challenging at the same time. When I'm down there on one breath, all my other senses are heightened, so I start to notice small changes and feelings that I don't normally pay attention to. It also has been the place where I've been able to obtain the most meditative state. Once you know what you're physically capable of, it then becomes a mental battle.

It makes me realize that people have so much undiscovered potential and that we're all capable of achieving great things. I have to say from the moment that I put on the Alchemy V3 fins I absolutely fell in love with them. Their soft blade was slightly stiffer than the last soft fins I was using and I could immediately feel a significant difference in the propulsion. So for me it felt like I was flying underwater.

For the future I plan to keep competing and see where that takes me. I love challenging myself and I want to see what I'm capable of".


Meet Enchante