One of our favorite underwater content creators, Daan Verhoeven, just released a remixed video, based on one of his classics. Filming freediver Stig Pryds at the El Bells in Dahab, Daan captures some sublime shots of him freefalling through the majestic landscape. In his very own words "2 years ago Stig Pryds and i filmed a sort of underwater wingsuit proximity flight thing. It was the first time i had more than a few hours to shoot a video; we filmed every day after his training for more than a week, so i had lots of coverage. As you can imagine, a lot of footage ended up on the editing room floor, so to speak. I went over that footage the other day, and fell the thrill of filming it again, that wonderful feeling of seeing an idea come to life, and the awe for the insane skill Stig displays. I'd just heard a great song on a site where i find the music for the videos i make, and i felt like spending another week with this idea, coming at it from another angle - all other angles! So here it is, my first remix - hope you enjoy".

Watch the original video!

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