Alchemy freediver Andy Babbage recently released his new book for freediving, Baro Aspida.

"After two years of working through a personal ongoing issue with pulmonary oedema and coming out the other side stronger and smarter, I was jubilant and also aware of what I had achieved. This book began in 2017 in Dahab, Egypt when I planned to document and share with close friends the finer details of my problems and solutions to Pulmonary Oedema. The content and purpose of the information grew and organically evolved into an educational piece. I decided to compile my story and other expert advice for the benefit of the freediving world.

Baro-Aspida is an integration of personal experiences, podcasts, philosophies, scientific studies and voices from world-class freediving athletes on Pulmonary Oedema or as commonly known in the freediving community as a ‘squeeze’. Baro-Aspida intends to help shield new comers and guide freediving athletes with the wide array of issues concerning pulmonary oedema. An informed and strategic freediver raises their game in search of their dynamic utmost potential.

Discussions include: different origins, potential causes, and practical strategies for deep diving freedivers to overcome Pulmonary Oedema; from prevention to recovery to working around a particular case".

freediver with wetsuit underwater

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