The Gulf of Mexico is a heavenly place for many spearos around Florida that provides a lot of fishing opportunities. It covers the biggest part of Florida’s west coast - from Pensacola to the  the Everglades. Great fishing fishing locations along the west coast include Destin, Panama City Beach, Tampa, and Fort Myers amongst others. State waters are within 9 miles of the coast and beyond that you are entering federal waters. This is very important as there are different regulations regarding fishing
in state or federal waters.

Grouper season is finally on and Cpt. Aaron Young is out in the Gulf looking for them! Check out the second episode on his YouTube channel, featuring some epic catches, with his infamous banana gun, kicking his fluo yellow Alchemy S.

While you are here you might also want to check out another one of Aaron's legendary catches, shot at the Gulf, which actually became one of our
promotional videos for Alchemy S.

Want more? Check out another video of Aaron kicking his S at the depths of a disused oil rig in the Gulf.

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