Latham Island is a small, relatively isolated island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania and is home to the biggest dogtooth tuna ever caught by spearfishing! Alchemy spearo and adventure guide David Ochoa was recently out there spearfishing with a group of clients, as the island from September up to March is the top location for hunting giant Doggies!

"One of my coolest angles on @fawazalnuaimi shooting a dog tooth tuna on a scooter. Was pretty interesting to see how fish reacted to this and also to explore some deep stuff... Spearfishing trips can be such a bonding experience! This was the first time I met this group and we instantly became very good friends. This story is not about shooting massive dog tooth tuna, wahoo or sailfish (even though there's plenty of it), this is a little film about everything else. All the good things that go way beyond shooting fish".

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